Features Of Walk-In Wardrobes You Should Know About

Features Of Walk-In Wardrobes You Should Know About

walk in wardrobe is a great option to add extra storage space to your home. It will allow you to keep your clothes and shoes in one place and is more convenient to use than a traditional closet. Walk-in wardrobes should be equipped with sliding doors instead of swinging doors, which are unsuitable for this kind of closet. Glass shelving and mirrors are also important features to look for.

Mirrors are a must:

If you have a small walk-in wardrobe, consider adding mirrored doors. This can help the space appear larger and also improves light reflection in the closet. Besides, a multi-panel mirror provides you with a 360-degree view of your outfit. Alternatively, ceiling mirrors can also complement your lighting, adding luxury and sophistication to your closet.

Closet Island:

Closet islands can help you organize your clothes and accessories more efficiently. Some designs feature multiple drawers and shelves. Others feature a combination of storage and counter space. Closet islands can be made of different materials, including marble or granite.

Lighter color scheme:

A lighter color scheme for a walk-in wardrobe will open up the space inside. It will also look more spacious since it will have more natural light. The ideal standard for a walk-in wardrobe is at least 3’6” of floor space and 4’6” of vertical wall space. You should also have enough floor space to hang clothes, so you should use double hanging rods on the walls. In addition, you should also consider a 72-inch rod for long garments.

Glass shelving:

Glass shelves in a walk-in wardrobe offer a wealth of benefits, including the ability to amplify light and accent mirrors and closet islands. They can also be used to showcase clothing and shoes on higher shelves. This type of shelving is also common in kitchens because it can make the room look more spacious.

Mirrored doors:

Mirrored doors in walk-in wardrobes can be a great way to make a bedroom look more spacious. If you have space for more than one closet, consider adding sliding doors. These can work well for small spaces and can be framed in a style that matches the rest of the room.

Storage ottomans:

When you’re remodeling a walk-in wardrobe, you may want to consider adding storage ottomans. Not only do these pieces add storage, but they also make for an attractive accent piece. Ottomans can even double as seating, so they can be used for multiple purposes.